Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Study Table

This Study Table (from a scholar of my aquaintance) can be of value to students with a certain type of studiousness.
  1. The "Erin Keating" Study Table


  1. Hey Stephen,

    I was wondering if we need to memorize all the argumentum's stuff you gave us and do we also have to know Pinkies Creed. I was also wondering if you can give us a breakdown of the exam. I am studying for it but I have a blank mind because I really don't know how to prepare. I have done the study tables.

    Thanks alot!!

  2. Hi Dr.Ogden,

    I borrowed all my books from the library for this course. For some of the books they are different page numbers. Will you be giving us page numbers on the exam? I might have a bit of a difficulty if that is the case.

  3. If we read Harris & Chesterton the way you lectured from them, you said we'll be well prepared for the final exam: is that right?

  4. Is it possible for you to add the chapter when you use a direct page reference since some of the borrowed library books are not in sync with the ones you quoted from?

  5. I think I might have missed that lecture where you addressed those questions, would you mind answering them again? And is it necessary for us to read Harris and Chesterton, or will we do fine as long as we have read and understood the course books? And also what is the format of the exam? Is it all essays? Or is there short answer as well?

  6. With all of this talk of people being excessively worried about this exam, who is heading straight to Highland Pub after the exam tomorrow? All of this hype is even wearing off on me!

  7. When can we know our final exam mark and final grade? Thanks.

  8. Dear Dr.Ogden,

    Thank you for giving a semester of interesting lectures. I enjoyed it more than I thought I would. However, I have a few complaints:

    1. You did not spend enough amount of time on each of the novels. For example, half of all the lectures were covering the first two novels (The Amber Spyglass and Brighton Rock), and we did not spend a lot of time on the last three novels. I think it would be more beneficial and clear if you could try to spend equal amount of time analyzing each novel.

    2. You said you will try to argue from the author's point of view for each of the course novels. I can sense you being polemically anti-God while analyzing The Amber Spyglass and ironically anti-God while analyzing The Book Against God, and agnostic while analyzing Life After God. I can understand Brighton Rock's position when you analyzed this novel as well. However, when you were lecturing on Christ the Lord, I do not think you did an equally well job. It may be the length of the lectures were much shorter, but even through the lectures I sense some sarcasm about Anne Rice's defense to Christianity. Anne Rice may not be the best writer and her arguments may be absurd (and I do agree that some of her arguments are ridiculous), but I do feel it would be more beneficial in understanding the novel if you can analyze the material more from Anne Rice's position.

    Thank you again for a great semester.