Monday, July 1, 2013

Mid-Term Examination Detail

The Mid-Term Examination is a stay-at-home examination.

The examination requires you to write an essay of between 600-800 words, in the basic essay form detailed in class, on your choice from two available topics.

The essay will be judged on the following criteria:
  • exclusive fidelity to lecture concepts and discussion.
  • irrefutable evidence that the course texts were read diligently and ahead of lecture, and that the lecture material was attentively engaged with.
  • proper grammar
  • proper basic essay form, from lecture.
  • clear, succinct, and unique statement of thesis.
  • consistent rhetorical arrangement. 
  • correct and coherent logical development.
  • quotations from the course texts: advised but not required.
  • quotations will not need formal citation; however the Instructor will verify them for exactitude.
The essay will be graded on the assumption that it was written in a maximum window of two-hours (ninety minutes to write outline and draft the essay, and thirty minutes to revise.) This is your precise  benchmark for the level of quality that your Mid-Term essay should meet.

Course texts, online lecture slides and, most importantly, your own notes from classroom lecture can be used in the Mid-Term. On the honour system, no consultation or contact with anyone else is permitted during the stay-at-home Examination. Your work must be entirely your own; independently done.

The two choices of Examination topic will be released here on the Course Website at 15:00, July 2nd 2013.

The completed essay must be received by e-mail at no later than 23:59:59 on July 2nd 2013 in the following form:
  •  '7023midtermlastnamefirstname.rtf'.
Mid-Terms will be graded only if they meet the deadline and the precise submission format stipulated above.

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